Our Role

How the NCCMMS can help you engage the healthcare modeling and simulation market.

The NCCMMS team possesses extensive cross-industry research, design, development, and collaboration experience, and can help you tune your modeling and simulation (M&S) technology to opportunities within the $2.6 trillion healthcare market. We have a track record of partnering with defense and other industry members to develop innovative uses for existing M&S technologies, services, and applications.
Healthcare M&S Application Areas

Modeling and Simulation can be leveraged throughout every aspect of healthcare.

  • The healthcare industry can be broken down in to several sub domains, which helps to organize ideas and thoughts regarding the varied uses of modeling and simulation therein. These subdomains are not necessarily a common breakdown of the industry, but tend to make sense when considering the application of M&S
    • Administration, Business, and Management
    • Practitioner and Patient Safety
    • Theory and Science
    • Logistics and Physical Process

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